Seller Checklist

Seller Checklist

You have probably heard how important first impressions can be, but did you know that within 15 seconds a buyer has developed an opinion of your property? Use this list to determine what to do, before listing your home for sale…

Home Enhancement Checklist: Exterior

Paint if needed. If you do not want to spend the money to paint the entire house, consider painting the shutters or front door.
Keep lawn mowed and edged, shrubs trimmed
Pick up lawn tools, toys and newspapers, sweep front walkway
Check your roof. Replace any broken tiles or shingles. Paint eaves and fascia boards.
Clean up after pets
Clean decks and patios


Determine if your walls need painting. Paint high visibility rooms (entry, kitchen, main living areas) with a neutral color
Repair any holes or cracks in walls, paint ceilings if needed
Clean or replace carpets if needed; refinished hardwood floors add a smell of “newness”
Clean windows
Clean closets and put items in plastic storage containers
Clean and organize basement
Clean and organize attic and storage spaces
Make sure all appliances are clean and in working order
Clean ceramic tiles and re-grout if necessary
Reduce the number of personal items and clutter (memorabilia, keepsakes, awards etc.) in each room, to make the house seem cleaner
Smells are important. Avoid heavy odors from pets, tobacco or cooking

Before showings

Open drapes and shades, and turn on lights to make your house look bright and cheerful
Prepare tables with flowers and place settings; set out a game or “coffee table” book
Turn off the television; play soft background music
Tidy up bathrooms; set out show towels
Pick up toys and shoes; make up beds and put clothes away
Do a quick dusting and give the carpets a once-over with the vacuum; straighten rugs; empty wastebaskets
Keep pets out of the way; make sure all pet areas are clean and free of odor

Special tips for showings

Secure jewelry, cash, prescription medications and other valuables
It is usually best if you can leave while your house is being shown
If people who are not accompanied by an agent ask to see your property, please refer them to us; we will pre-screen them.

Sellers should also:

* Complete the seller’s disclosure statement. Fully written disclosure of a property’s condition can be essential to a successful transaction. It can:
Attract more buyers by building confidence and piece of mind
Make it clear to buyers that the price of your property reflects it disclosed condition
Help reduce misunderstanding that could lead to a delayed closing, renegotiation or even litigation

* Consider a home warranty. A home warranty builds buyer confidence by providing repair-or-replace coverage for major home operating systems and appliances and can enhance the marketability of your property.