New Residents

New Residents

Stoneleigh is much more than a mere suburban appendage to a big city. It is primarily a state of mind, compounded of amply justified community pride, a lively sense of civic responsibility, a good neighbor policy of long standing, and a highly successful organized effort to preserve and maintain the area as a desirable place in which to live.

New residents sometimes sense this community spirit immediately; sometimes it does not become apparent until the newcomer has been in residence for a while. But almost invariably, if the newcomer is of the friendly, neighborly type, they become imbued with the friendly neighborhood community spirit of Stoneleigh.

Stoneleigh is a community formed of bonds and life-time friendships. Many residents stay for decades, enjoying the community amenities as well as Stoneleigh’s proximity to downtown Baltimore, Hunt Valley, and Towson. Stoneleigh also attracts buyers from out of town, who are looking to immediately immerse themselves into a community setting.

The Stoneleigh Community Association, Inc., is an organization made up of your neighbors, its purpose being to promote the interests of the community, to preserve property values, to prevent commercial encroachment in an area which is primarily allresidential, to foster the social life of our people, and above all to encourage the good neighbor tradition.

As the dominant civic organization of Stoneleigh, the Association cordially welcomes you and your family to the community and invites you to become a part of community life